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Jack has served as Alderman of the Seventh Ward for the past seven years, during which time, Jack has prioritized responding to the needs of the residents and businesses that he represents. Jack believes that all St. Louisans deserve to feel safe in their neighborhoods and have access to equitable, high-quality City services. 

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Public Safety for the People

Jack Coatar believes that public safety is the City’s top job. He supports increasing funding for police who will walk the beat, who are invested in our neighborhoods, and who are accountable to the people they are sworn to protect. He will work to fix our broken 911 system. When someone calls 9-1-1 they should not be put on hold in a time of an emergency.


We know that policing alone does not create a safer community. Jack Coatar is committed to investing our federal funds in programs that support mental health and substance abuse services. We must provide resources to first responders and social workers, and expand community violence intervention programs. This investment will reduce the burden on our police department, so they can focus on deterring and solving crimes.

Responsive and Reliable Government

Jack Coatar believes City services need a major overhaul. The City of St. Louis needs to invest federal funding to improve basic services like picking up our trash, maintaining our streets, modernizing infrastructure and technology – especially our 911 system. Jack will work to improve and expand our  3-1-1 non-emergency line, so no one gets the run-around and citizens have access to the services they need, quickly and efficiently.  


All City residents deserve access to the resources and services they need, no matter what neighborhood they live in. Our City workers are doing what they can but they are understaffed and underpaid. We can make a better St. Louis and do great things, but we need to get the basics right first. 


Supporting our Neighborhoods

Since being elected Alderman, Jack Coatar’s ward has grown nearly 23% while the rest of the City has steadily declined. Jack has worked with neighborhood citizens, business leaders, labor unions, and other stakeholders to improve and grow the 7th Ward. He will use the same approach to revitalize neighborhoods throughout the entire City. 


Jack will prioritize attracting new, high-paying jobs, promoting quality affordable housing, and supporting our existing small businesses so they can grow and increase opportunities for the neighborhoods they serve.

Prioritizing our Children

Jack Coatar believes that we must invest in our children and that every child should have the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their race, income, or zip code. As a new parent, Jack feels strongly that we must support our kids in and out of school. He will prioritize investment in extracurricular activities and mental health resources for our youth. All of our neighborhoods deserve strong schools, and Jack will continue to be an advocate for our City’s public schools.

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A Reliable and Independent Voice at City Hall

Jack Coatar will be an independent voice at City Hall. The City’s top budget board, Estimate and Apportionment, is where the City’s financial priorities are decided. Jack will be your voice on E and A, asking the tough questions and ensuring our City’s resources are focusing on the issues we care about most, like keeping our children and families safe. The President of the Board of Aldermen should provide checks and balances at City Hall on behalf of City taxpayers.

Protecting a Woman’s Right to Choose 

Jack Coatar believes women should have the rights over their own bodies – this includes the right to abortion care. While the Board President cannot circumvent Missouri law, Jack will work with community stakeholders to provide information and access to healthcare, including abortion services.

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