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Re-Elect on April 4th
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Thank you, voters of the 7th Ward!  We had a busy day yesterday and an exciting night as the election returns (finally) came in late in the evening.

I am humbled that the voters of the 7th Ward selected me in yesterday’s Democratic Primary to succeed Phyllis Young. Of course, we have a General Election on April 7th, and we will work to prevail there, too-there are no other candidates, but it’s still an election, which means I still need your vote!


Getting to this point took a lot of work by many, many people. It’s always hazardous to start thanking people (and not leaving people out), but I do want to publicly thank a few key supporters. We could not have mounted this campaign without the support of my enthusiastic family, friends and amazing girlfriend. Phyllis Young was my first endorsement and my first campaign volunteer. I want to thank her for her for everything she did to help bring about last night’s victory, and for everything she has done for the 7th Ward and the City of St. Louis. I am also grateful for the support of Mayor Slay and President Reed, who also celebrated a victory last night, winning the primary to retain his seat as President of the Board of Aldermen.


I’ve had the chance to talk to many of you over the last few months, and I want that dialogue to continue. I intend to hold regular office hours, both at City Hall and elsewhere in the 7th Ward (we will look for a location after the General Election), attend neighborhood meetings, and make constituent service a top priority. So visit, call, text or tweet me and I promise to respond promptly. Most important, I will work every day to live up to the trust you have placed in me.


I also want to thank my opponents for bringing energy and ideas to the campaign. I hope to work with them as our community moves forward.


You all know that our city faces many challenges. We must do more to build a safer city, do more to create good jobs, and do more for accountability and constituent service. We must also continue the drive to reform local government.  These are the issues many of you raised time and time again in our discussions, and I made them the core of my campaign. We have to make progress on each of these to secure the gains we have made and continue to move our city and the whole region forward.


Clearly, we have a lot to do if we’re going to build the St. Louis we all want. I’m eager to get to work, so I’m asking for your vote again on April 7.


Again, thank you!



Written by Jack Coatar

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